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Peter Davison Reveals His One Regret in 20th Anniversary Story, The Five Doctors

Peter Davison, who played the Fifth Doctor, has revealed that he has one thing he’d like to have changed for the Doctor Who 20th anniversary special, The Five Doctors: he would’ve liked to see the various incarnations of the Doctor spending more time together!

Speaking at a BFI Southbank event upon the release of The Collection: Season 20 Blu-ray boxset, Davison said:

“I’ve always felt it was a bit of a shame that we weren’t together more of the time. We were kept apart and John [Nathan-Turner, Producer] said to me that was because he thought there would be too many egos on set. He sensed there could be a bit of rivalry that might turn unpleasant – it never did, I have to say! We all got on very well.”

For most of the story, the five Doctors were split up, only really meeting up at the end in the Tomb of Rassilon. (Well, the Fourth Doctor was absent, thanks to a time eddy/Tom Baker not wanting to return). It at least gave Davison the chance to meet Second Doctor actor, Patrick Troughton. Peter recalls:

“He was a great actor, one I’d admired for many years, not just in Doctor Who – so, yeah, that was a great thrill.”

Fellow Doctor Who star, Mark Strickson, who played Turlough, also delighted in meeting Troughton in particular; he exclusively told the Doctor Who Companion:

“[I]t was great for me: I was able to meet My Doctor, which is Pat Troughton, and things like that. We’ve always got ‘our Doctor’ as Doctor Who fans, y’know? [And] he was lovely! He’s an absolutely gorgeous guy.”

You can see a lot of lovely behind-the-scenes material from The Five Doctors and more on The Collection: Season 20 set, which is available now.

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Peter Davison Reveals His One Regret in 20th Anniversary Story, The Five Doctors

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