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Alex Kingston Is Keen for River Song to Meet Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor

Alex Kingston would like her character, River Song, to meet the Fifteenth Doctor, aka Ncuti Gatwa’s current incarnation of the Time Lord.

At a panel at the MegaCon in Orlando, she was asked which Doctor she’d like to meet, and she singled out Gatwa’s, calling him a “twinkly badass too”, something which he’d earlier described River as. But is her return likely? She went on:

“It was such a wonderful journey and the journey may still continue. Who knows? I mean, can you imagine just flying the TARDIS and going to all those incredible different dimensions in time and space? I mean, it’s been an amazing journey and I fly the TARDIS better than he does…”

River first appeared in Steven Moffat’s Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead, opposite David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor, a tale which ultimately saw her sacrifice herself for not only the Doctor but also their future together (not to mention the 4,022 people saved by the Library computer). She next made life interesting for the Doctor in The Time of Angels/ Flesh and Stone, with Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, the incarnation she appeared with the most. Finally, she was last seen in The Husbands of River Song, a Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) adventure on the night before she was due to go to the Library.

But on audio, i.e. for Big Finish, she’s met numerous other Doctors, as well as other companions and enemies like the Autons, the Master, the Krotons, and the Sontarans.

So could we see River again on TV? It’s certainly possible. Nonetheless, it is perhaps unlikely.

Would you like to see more of Melody Pond, aka the Doctor’s wife, aka River Song? Or has her story now been fully told?

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Alex Kingston Is Keen for River Song to Meet Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor

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