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Character Options to Release Exclusive Doctor Who Set Based on Destiny of the Daleks

Character Options has revealed an online exclusive set of action figures based on the Fourth Doctor story, Destiny of the Daleks.

Named “The Ruins of Skaro”, the set includes two Movellans and a Dalek sporting explosives.

The Movellan robot figures each come with a blaster accessory too! All figures are 5.5″ scale, i.e. the good size, and, we’re told, “come with various points of articulation”, so now we know. The set comes presented in special window packaging with unique diorama printed insert.

Destiny of the Daleks isn’t seen as a classic adventure, per se, but it’s a fun story that I’ve always had a soft spot for. Plus, it was cool seeing the Movellans again, albeit briefly, in The Pilot, while the Twelfth Doctor, Bill Potts, and Nardole ran the eponymous Pilot through not-so-friendly-fire.

And it’s great to see Character Options giving us slightly more obscure sets, even if they are online exclusives. Their previous Warriors of the Deep online-only set seemed popular at any rate. And this is still a Dalek set so we’re sure plenty of fans will want to add it to their collection. The explosive-laden exterminator looks pretty darn neat…

You can buy “The Ruins of Skaro” from Character Options for £39.99 now.

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Character Options to Release Exclusive Doctor Who Set Based on Destiny of the Daleks

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