Is Series 11 Air-Date Delayed Until Autumn 2018?

If rumours are to be believed, following Peter Capaldi’s exit as the Doctor this Christmas, Doctor Who fans are to have another long wait for another run of episodes.

Quizzed about finding the Thirteenth Doctor, it’s been confirmed that Chris Chibnall, who is taking over showrunner duties from Steven Moffat, will spearhead the search for the next incarnation of the Time Lord – but that he’s not started work on the show at all yet. (Coincidentally, that’s the first time I’ve written “Thirteenth Doctor”, and yes, it feels weird.) The decision will also have to be approved by BBC Director of Content, Charlotte Moore, and Piers Wenger, BBC Head of Drama and former Executive Producer for Doctor Who.

It’s understood that Chibnall’s efforts are channelled into Broadchurch, the ITV series with David Tennant and Olivia Coleman, which is in post-production right now; he also apparently wishes to leave Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi with as much breathing space as possible on their final series. Chris will take a family holiday between work on Broadchurch and Doctor Who – after all, he won’t get one when he’s in charge of Who! Nonetheless, a Thirteenth Doctor (still odd) will be cast ready for the regeneration scene this Christmas.

Unknown sources, however, say that Doctor Who Series 11 won’t begin filming until early next year – which would mean it doesn’t air until Autumn 2018.

In some ways, this does make sense, giving Chibnall time to properly develop not just a new series but a new Doctor and presumably a new companion. Still, it flies in the face of reports that lower ratings (arguably – but let’s not start that again) have bumped Doctor Who back to its “old” Spring schedule. Plus, it’s not incentive for licensees: why bother flooding the market with new products when the BBC appear to be showing little trust in the series?

But let’s remember – this is all just speculation right now. We really don’t know. It’s interesting to mull over, though…

Would you be grateful for giving Chris more time to plan? Or do you want Doctor Who now, now, now?!

  • Peter Rabytt

    I prefer the show to run from Easter time each year and to have a regular time slot. However, I can understand how that might be difficult and if Chris needs more time then so be it. I want whatever is best for the show to prosper and keeps the quality up.

  • TheLazyWomble

    Is there no-one that can get this show running properly and on time?

    • bar is in-console-able


      • TheLazyWomble


      • Dr. Moo

        There’s our choice for 13 right there.

  • Rick714

    The BBC excels at bad planning and mismanagement it seems. And they’re cheap. I mean, they could have had series 10 last year, series 11 this year, *then* the big long gap leading into a new series in ’18. But no, they intentionally screw around with the time slots, reduce the number of episodes, give us less and less DW all the time, then complain when the ratings suffer due to their meddling incompetence!

    The attitude toward the show is not as bad as it was in the ’80’s but it’s concerning. So now we’ll have a total of 14 episodes in a two and a half year period. Really? How stupid can an organization be to put all that worldwide licensing at risk? Idiocy.

    I can respect giving Chibnall time to prepare but that doesn’t excuse wasting all of last year. and if it was a matter of Moffat splitting time between Sherlock and DW, maybe he should have left one or the other a year ago then, instead of making the fans suffer more.

  • Dr. Moo

    And here I was hoping for the move back to springtime to become permanent. But I guess that means assuming the BBC can be bothered to treat their flagship show with the respect it deserves and that has never ever happened before so no reason to assume that would ever change.