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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #527

All this talk of “diversity” and “inclusion” when it comes to Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the Thirteenth Doctor does somewhat underestimate the importance women have, of course, always had in Doctor Who. The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine seeks to address that by focusing on three companions who have played vital roles in the Doctor’s life: Susan, Zoe, and Ace, aka Carole Ann Ford, Wendy Padbury, and Sophie Aldred.
Padbury says:

“I’ve met two or three people who became astrophysicists because of Zoe, and that’s quite a thing.”

Aldred adds:

“When I think about being 24 and let loose on one of the most-loved programmes on TV… It gave me a lot of confidence.”

And what does the Doctor’s granddaughter think of the first female Doctor? Ford says:

“I really would like to meet Jodie Whittaker. What would I say to her? ‘Hello grandma!’”

Also in this issue:

  • BACK TO SCHOOL: Class cast members reflect on the fate of the television series and reveal the next step for the show.
  • LONDON, 1965!: The story behind the Twitch viewing marathon, and the surprising effect one particular scene had on viewers.
  • BOX OF DELIGHTS: One man’s mission to save and restore the last remaining police boxes in Glasgow – and if this takes your fancy, check out the DWC’s guide to the police boxes of the Scottish city!
  • NEW DOCTORS: The third article in a series looking at ways new Doctors have been introduced to the public.
  • WHO, ME: Australian comedian Rob Lloyd, acclaimed for his one-man show Who, Me talks to DWM on the eve of his UK tour.
  • THE MAN WHO SAVED THE DOCTOR: A tribute to the late Graham Strong, the fan whose 1960s soundtrack recordings have played a crucial role in reconstructing lost episodes.
  • THE TIME TEAM: The Time Team takes a trip to Gallifrey, watching three adventures set on the Doctor’s home planet.
  • THE FACT OF FICTION: This issue’s instalment explores the Eleventh Doctor story, The Vampires of Venice.
  • COSPLAY: A step-by-step guide to making your own version of Captain Jack Harkness’ vortex manipulator.
  • THE CLOCKWISE WAR: The fourth part of a new comic strip adventure featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Bill Potts.

PLUS… Series 11 news, The Blogs of Doom, previews, DVD and audio reviews and prize-winning competitions.
Doctor Who Magazine #527 is on sale now, priced £5.99.

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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #527

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