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Out Now: Big Finish's The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles

Geronimo! Get ready to dive into four new audio adventures with the Eleventh Doctor from Big Finish.
Narrated by Jacob Dudman, these stories reunite the Eleventh Doctor with some familiar faces in The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles.
Speaking about the new boxset and Jacob Dudman’s uncanny impression of Matt Smith, producer Scott Handcock said:
“It was a pleasure to introduce Jake as narrator on The Tenth Doctor Chronicles but, as fans of his are already well aware, Jake’s ability to capture Matt Smith’s unique vocal rhythms is really quite uncanny.
“Uniting him with the talents of Danny Horn and Simon Fisher-Becker as Kazran and Dorium respectively has been a treat in The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles, whilst Eleanor Brooks and Nathalie Buscombe bring a whole new energy as colonist Olivia Pamiec and the legendary Jane Austen – all under the marvellous direction of Helen Goldwyn.”

The four new stories are:
The Calendar Man by AK Benedict
Answering a cry for help, the Doctor and Amy arrive on a misty colony world – but nobody thinks anything is wrong. Nobody, except for one young woman, hiding in shadows and scribbling in her notebook.
Soon, Amy is on the trail of missing colonists, while the Doctor strides into the fog in search of a fairy-tale.
But time is running out, and the Calendar Man is flicking through the pages of their lives…
The Top of the Tree by Simon Guerrier
On one of their annual jaunts, young Kazran Sardick and the Doctor find themselves in trouble when the TARDIS is tangled in the branches of a very strange, very large tree.
They emerge into a habitat where myriad species fight for survival: an ecosystem of deadly flora and fauna, along with a tribe of primitive humans.
This is a mystery which can only be solved by climbing. But what will they find at the top of the tree?
The Light Keepers by Roy Gill
Dorium Maldovar has a problem. The self-styled ‘Beacon People’ are bad for business, and now they’re in his shuttle park, digging for mysterious minerals.
When the Doctor crashes into his life once again, Dorium enlists him to find out what these scavengers are really up to inside their lighthouse.
But a lighthouse signals danger – and this beacon was placed to warn of something more ancient and powerful than anyone knows. Something that is returning…
False Coronets by Alice Cavender
On the trail of a temporal anomaly, the Doctor and Clara arrive in a London dungeon, where an unlikely prisoner awaits her execution. This is a 19th Century England where the King has been dethroned, and Republicans bearing false coronets hold sway.
While the Doctor seeks out the source of alien interference in the timelines, Clara recruits some local help – and gets invited to a party.
History has gone awry, and Jane Austen must help rewrite it.
The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles is available now on CD and download for £23 and £20 respectively from Big Finish.

Andrew Reynolds

Out Now: Big Finish's The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles

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