Doctor Who Could Leave Netflix Very Soon

Those enjoying Doctor Who on Netflix could be due for disappointment within the next 12 months, as all BBC content is likely to leave the streaming service.

This is according to David Zaslav, President of Discovery Inc., whose company has made a deal with the BBC to create a new streaming channel. During a conversation with a Wall Street analyst about competitors, he said:

“Yes, Hulu’s doing a few food shows and Netflix does some stuff, and a little bit of natural history. But all of the BBC content is coming off Netflix.”

This could mean a significant chunk of the popular Netflix catalogue will disappear, especially given the likelihood of Disney content also being pulled from the service in favour of Disney+, which will feature animated classics, Disney Channel shows, Star Wars movies, and the extensive Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

We don’t know when Doctor Who will vanish from Netflix – if, indeed, this report is correct – but smart money says before the Discovery/BBC launch in 2020.

Currently, Netflix UK boasts the majority of so-called “NuWho“, ie. episodes since the show’s return in 2005.

Do you enjoy Doctor Who on Netflix? Or do you just rely on DVDs and Blu-rays? Even if you don’t watch streaming platforms, does this mean Doctor Who won’t be in the public eye as much as it should be?

(Thanks to Joe Siegler.)