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28 Doctor Who Stars Attending 2019's London Film and Comic Con

With London MCM having been over for a few weeks, it’s almost time for convention lovers to head back to London for the London Film and Comic Con, to be held in the Olympia venue.

As usual they have managed to get hold of a number of huge names including Charlie Sheen, Robert Carlyle, Jason Momoa, and Jason Issacs to name a few.

For fans for shows like Once Upon a Time, Star Trek, Game of Thrones Vampire Diaries, The Inbetweeners, Arrow and films like Star Wars, Friday the 13th, Village of the Damned, Harry Potter and Halloween, then there are plenty of other guests for you to meet!

And as usual it has also managed to attract a number of Doctor Who guests from all across the classic and modern eras of the show’s history. If you are attending and are interested in meeting a few Who stars, then the list below will give you all the information you need to know!

Christopher Eccleston – The Ninth Doctor: Autograph £95, Photoshoot £85, Diamond Pass £235

John Barrowman – Captain Jack Harkness : Autograph £45, Photoshoot £45, Diamond Pass £165 (Saturday Only)

Jenna Coleman – Clara Oswald: Autograph £35, Photoshoot £35, Diamond Pass £105

Gareth David-Lloyd – Lanto Jones: Autograph £15, Photoshoot £15, Double photoshoot with John Barrowman £60

Finn Jones – Santiago Jones: Autograph £25, Photoshoot £25, Dimond Pass £75

Bernard Cribbins – Wilfred Mott: Autograph £35, Photoshoot £35, Diamond Pass £100

Sylvester McCoy – The Seventh Doctor: Autograph £20, Photoshoot £20, Double Photoshoot with Sophie Aldred £30

Colin Baker – The Sixth Doctor: Autograph £20, Photoshoot £20, Double photoshoot with Nicola Bryant £30, (Sunday Only)

Sophie Aldred – Ace: Autograph £10, Photoshoot £10, Double photoshoot with Sylvester McCoy £30

John Leeson – The Voice of K-9: Autograph £10, Photoshoot £10

Peter Purves – Steven Taylor: Autograph £10, Photoshoot £10

John Levene – Benton: Autograph £10, Photoshoot £10

Nicola Bryant: Autograph £10, Photoshoot £10, Double photoshoot with Colin Baker £30

Sam Oatley -Tzim Sha: Autograph £10, Photoshoot £10

LFCC certainly promises to be a Doctor Who extravaganza. If you are wondering who to meet, I’d suggest the guests from the classic era of the show – not only are they lovely to meet, they often offer fun anecdotes about their time on Doctor Who. I’ve met Sophie Aldred and she was an absolute blast, talking to you like she had known you all her life, putting you at ease instantly. Make Aldred a convention must!

With lots of guests to choose from the television worlds of Doctor Who, there are also a number of other contributors in other forms of media, including comic books and novels.

Chris Achilleos and Jeff Cummins, famed Target novel cover artists are in attendance. If you grew up reading them or are still stunned by their stellar work then make sure you head to their tables.

Jessica Martin who has recently broken into the comic book scene is visiting too. She also played Mags in the highly regarded Seventh Doctor story, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and reprised her role in the most recent Big Finish audio trilogy.

Other comic book guests include artists from Doctor Who Magazine as well as the IDW run of comics and Titan’s many series. These include: Mike Collins, who has done prolific work for DWM as well as The Flash for DC Comics and Captain Britain for Marvel; Lew Stringer whose cartoon art has graced the pages of DWM’s letter’s page with their amusing little pieces every issue plus titles like The Beano and the horror-comic, Grindhouse; writer, Richard Dinnik who penned a number of issues for Titan, including the Seventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors; and Rob Williams who penned stories for the Eleventh Doctor with Titan. He’s also worked on titles like Suicide Squad and The Amazing Spider-Man: End of the Earth.

From IDW is Tony Lee who worked on their Tenth Doctor range. While he runs the comic-book zone, he doesn’t have a table but will be wandering around so will be happy to sign any books or chat if you bump into him. Another guest from DWM is David A Roach who has served as artist and inker for a number of years and contributed to the Doctor Who Infinity game.

In addition, there’s: Rich Johnston, who founded the site Bleeding Cool, has written for the IDW Doctor Who range; Grant Perkins who wrote and drew Strax and the Time Shark; Titan’s James Peaty, who has also contributed to Big Finish’s Gallifrey range with the entry Emancipation and a couple of stories for The Paternoster Gang.

From the world of novels in attendance is Alastair Reynolds who penned the Third Doctor novel, The Harvest of Time, and Ben Aaronovich who has penned a number of Virgin New Adventures novels, Target books, plus the two television stories, Remembrance of the Daleks and Battlefield.

It seems like LFCC will be a big hit this year for Doctor Who fans with guests from across all the different mediums. It will be well worth walking around every inch of the event!

LFCC will be held 26th- 28th of July 2019.

Jordan Shortman

28 Doctor Who Stars Attending 2019's London Film and Comic Con

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