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Would David Tennant Return for Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary?

We’re only a few years away from Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary, and as usual, fans are keeping their fingers crossed for a multi-Doctor story, a tradition that was (sort of) established for the show’s 10th – so would Tenth Doctor actor, David Tennant return for another special celebration?

Interviewed for the 10th anniversary of The End of Time, his final regular adventure as the Time Lord, Tennant said:

“It would be fun to do. Jodie [Whittaker], Peter [Capaldi] and Matt [Smith] are all mates now. It would be wonderful to be on set with them. [Christopher Eccleston] I don’t know as well, but I’m a huge admirer of him and I always enjoyed meeting him. So, it would be fun if we were all on set together.”

Tennant of course reprised the role for the 50th anniversary, The Day of the Doctor, written by Steven Moffat.

However, he says there will naturally come a time when he can’t come back:

“There will come a point where I wouldn’t be able to get away with it. I wouldn’t be able to fit the suit, or get my hair to stand up on end in the way I used to.”

Well, Tom Baker got away with it!

Who would you like to see in a prospective 60th anniversary episode?

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Would David Tennant Return for Doctor Who’s 60th Anniversary?

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