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Celebrate 15 Years of Revived Doctor Who With Aldred, Patel, and Guerrier

Ah, 2005. If you were alive in ’05, you might remember that YouTube debuted on the interwebs, Prince Charles married Camilla, Hurricane Katrina battered the southern US, and London won the right to host the 2012 Olympics. Oh, yeah… and some guy named Russell T. Davies brought a certain time-travelling adventure series back to our screens!

A decade-and-a-half on, the revitalized Doctor Who is still a flagship show worldwide. To celebrate the continuing new era of Who, and as part of London Book and Screen Week, The Groucho Club will be hosting an event called Regenerating the Doctor: Celebrating 15 Years of the Revived Doctor Who.

The event will take place on the lucky Friday night of 13th March. The celebration will mainly consist of a two-hour panel featuring three representatives from different eras of Doctor Who: classic series actress Sophie Aldred, writer Simon Guerrier, and screenwriter Vinay Patel.

Aldred is best known as beloved ’80s companion Dorothy “Ace” McShane and has even written a new novel, At Childhood’s End (featuring an older Ace meeting the Thirteenth Doctor). Guerrier has written tons of Who-related material since the early 2000s, including many short stories, comic strips, and Big Finish audios. Finally, Vinay Patel has written TV scripts for Jodie Whittaker’s first two series, including Demons of Punjab and the recent internet-breaker, Fugitive of the Judoon.

The trio will discuss their feelings about what has become known as “NuWho“, including what they have enjoyed from the Ninth through Thirteenth Doctors and what may lie ahead for the show’s future. Aldred, Guerrier, and Patel will also pay tribute to the late, great script editor and novelisations king, Terrance Dicks.

If you are interested in attending Regenerating the Doctor, clear your schedule on the evening of Friday 13 March, get tickets in advance, and set your TARDIS to dematerialise at The Groucho Club in London! Tickets are £20 (including a free drink!). Bow ties are optional.

Drew Boynton

Celebrate 15 Years of Revived Doctor Who With Aldred, Patel, and Guerrier

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