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Karen Gillan: “Returning to Doctor Who Would Be Amazing”

Karen Gillan has revealed that she’d like to come back to Doctor Who, but would want to return alongside Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill.

The actress played Amy Pond regularly from 2010 to 2012, working alongside Matt as the Eleventh Doctor and Arthur as Rory Williams, then was seen again very briefly for 2013’s The Time of the Doctor. So would she come back for the 60th anniversary?

Karen says:

“Never say never. If I was asked, I would be really, really interested and keen. It would be really amazing. I’d like to do it with Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill if I was going to go back.”

Gillan was answering questions based on Google searches and also expanded on what it was like for her, as a 21 year old, to join Doctor Who. She goes on:

“That was the big break of my career. I went from not working very much as an actor to being in a very beloved show in the UK – and I miss it so much, actually.”

As a big fan of the Eleventh Doctor (and Karen in particular — I know, I hide it so well!), I very much miss Amy and that whole era. And Rory finished off this fantastic trinity of TARDIS travellers, a wonderful time on the show which gave us such stories as Vincent and the Doctor, A Christmas Carol, The Impossible Astronaut/ Day of the Moon, The Girl Who Waited, A Town Called Mercy, and The Angels Take Manhattan, to name just a few.

Let’s not forget the brilliant River Song, who formed such a key part of the era.

Would you like to see Karen again in Doctor Who? It’s fantastic, at least, that she’s keen to return, even if her hectic filming schedule also includes numerous Marvel movies, in which she plays Nebula.

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Karen Gillan: “Returning to Doctor Who Would Be Amazing”

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