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Celebrating The Eleventh Hour: How the Doctor Lost His Jacket Audiobook

It was 13 years ago when The Eleventh Hour first aired, but also three years since the DWC published my fan fiction prequel How the Doctor Lost His Jacket to coincide with the Series 5 opener’s 10th anniversary (and the #FishCustard lockdown watchalong, organised by Emily Cook). So today, I am pleased to announce that an audiobook version of the story was released at midnight (a reference to Prisoner Zero), read and produced by yours truly!

To accompany my first ever fan audio project, I have also compiled a PDF digital booklet with updates to the original story and Writer’s Notes detailing the production process, plus lavishing cover artwork by Owen/@WhovianLife and many more surprises.

The Eleventh Hour, of course, was the first full episode featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, although he’d appeared in the last scene of the previous story, The End of Time (by Russell T Davies), a small segment written by then-new showrunner, Steven Moffat. Between those scenes, the Doctor would lose his iconic jacket, as worn by David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. My story explores what happened to it!

Matt would stay on until The Time of the Doctor (2013), while Moffat continued as showrunner until Twice Upon A Time (2017).

Andrew Hsieh

Aspiring screenwriter with Asperger's syndrome, and lifelong Whovian since (shortly after) Christopher Eccleston's reign, Andrew has written and co-edited short story anthologies for Divergent Wordsmiths. Plus, he lives near Bannerman Road.

Celebrating The Eleventh Hour: How the Doctor Lost His Jacket Audiobook

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