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Jenna Coleman: “Doctor Who Never Leaves You”

Jenna Coleman, who played companion Clara Oswald, has spoken warmly about her time on Doctor Who, saying that she’s still in touch with her co-stars.

Coleman played Clara opposite Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. When asked whether she’s enticed about the upcoming era of the show, with Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor, Jenna replied:

“Yeah, very excited. And obviously to see Russell T Davies back at the helm. I still speak to Matt and Peter. I got a really nice message from Steven [Moffat, showrunner from 2010 to 2017] the other day saying it was 10 years since I’d been on [Doctor Who], which was terrifying.

“But yeah, it’s very much like a family. I feel like it’s one of those jobs that never leaves you.”

Indeed, this is just proof that Doctor Who is always a part of you — Jenna has been in lots of productions since leaving the sci-fi franchise (including Victoria, The Serpent, and Inside No 9, not to mention theatrical performances like All My Sons and Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons), but she’s still asked about playing Clara!

We’ve not seen Ms Oswald since Capaldi’s last episode, 2017’s Twice Upon a Time, but that was just a cameo — her last full episode was Hell Bent in 2015.

Meanwhile, Ncuti will debut as the Doctor later this year, with his first full season — Series 14 — airing on BBC1 and Disney+ in early 2024.

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Jenna Coleman: “Doctor Who Never Leaves You”

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