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Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor Returns to the Time War in Big Finish’s Doctor Who: Reflections

This October, the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, is heading back to the Time War, alongside starship pilot, Cass Fermazzi (Emma Campbell Jones) and his great grandson, Alex (Sonny McGann).

In 2023’s boxset, Cass, the character became lost in time and space. The story continues in Time War Uncharted: Reflections, the first in a new series of boxsets in which the currently separated time travellers all find themselves thrust further into the inescapable horrors of the Last Great Time War.

Here’s the synopsis:

The Doctor and his great-grandson Alex have been reunited amid the Time War. Splintered timelines draw them ever closer to another fellow traveller. Does Cass’s destiny lie in the TARDIS?

As the Time War rages, the Doctor enters uncharted territory – where any ‘friends’ they meet might not be what they seem…

Cass debuted in the 2013 minisode, The Night of the Doctor, in which she met the Eighth Doctor shortly before his regeneration. Time War Uncharted brings the pair ever closer to that fateful final meeting – though, due to events yet to be revealed, it will seem to be their first.

Oh, and if you look at the cover above, you might spot a familiar face…

The four episodes in this box set are:

  • Nowhere, Never by Katharine Armitage
  • The Road Untravelled by Tim Foley
  • Cass-cade by James Moran
  • Borrow or Rob by Tim Foley

Producer David Richardson said:

“A new start in the Time War, with our now-established team of the Eighth Doctor, Cass and Alex. I loved the chemistry between this trio in the previous box set, Cass, and so it was inevitable we should get them back together and send them off in new directions. The journey is just beginning and it’s crashing towards some unexpected turns…”

Time War Uncharted: Reflections is available to pre-order now for £24.99 (CD and download) or £19.99 (download only).

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Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor Returns to the Time War in Big Finish’s Doctor Who: Reflections

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