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It Sounds Like We’ll Learn Who Anita Dobson’s Mrs Flood Is in the Next Series of Doctor Who

The mystery of who Mrs Flood is should be unravelled in the next season of Doctor Who.

Though showrunner, Russell T Davies, teased that her identity would be a slow burn, many of us expected some sort of revelation in the latest episode, Empire of Death, the finale of Doctor Who Series 14. Instead, we were left with more questions, especially as she has a habit of breaking the fourth wall… and dressing like previous companions like Clara Oswald and Romana.

But actress, Anita Dobson, teases that we’ll likely find out who she is in Doctor Who Series 15. She explained:

“You will find out more about her as we go along. In fact, this particular series, season 2, which we’re [filming] at the moment, you do actually find out quite a lot about her. That’ll be interesting, to see what people think.”

But it seems like Dobson has been playing the character without actually knowing who she is too! She said:

“I’ve been in the dark for so long that I quite like it now! I never know what’s going to happen and that’s part of the fun.”

Mrs Flood is one of Ruby’s neighbours; she also provided additional yet curious threat to Ruby’s gran while Sutekh destroyed the world, and had an unsettling knowledge of things yet to come.

So who is she? We won’t find out for some time — Series 15 won’t hit screens until next year.

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It Sounds Like We’ll Learn Who Anita Dobson’s Mrs Flood Is in the Next Series of Doctor Who

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