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Coming Soon: The Lucy Wilson Mysteries — Stop the Clock! Starring the Brigadier’s Granddaughter

You can now pre-order Stop the Clock!, the latest instalment in Candy Jar’s popular range, The Lucy Wilson Mysteries, about the adventures of the Brigadier’s granddaughter.

Author, Cherry Cobb, says:

“I’ve written a few short stories about Lucy over the years, but when Shaun [Russell, Head of Publishing] asked me to write a full-length novel, I jumped at the chance!”

Shaun says:

“It’s fantastic to have Cherry writing for the series. We were incredibly lucky to have the series kickstarted by Sue [Hampton, author of Avatars of the Intelligence] and I’m hoping that this will be the start of more stories by women authors.”

Lucy Wilson is the granddaughter of the iconic Doctor Who favourite Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. Recently in the series, Lucy had one of her biggest adventures yet (in The Mystery of Lucy Wilson trilogy) where she time travelled back to 1985 Melbourne to meet plant people from outer space (Memories of the Future), followed by killer koala bears (Rampage of the Drop Bears). She was then thrust forward to encounter giant spiders in an alternate 2020 apocalyptic Earth (Apocalypse Tomorrow). As if this weren’t enough, Lucy also visited her first alien planet in The Web of Terror.

This time, however, Lucy is spending time away with her best friend Hobo at her brother’s house in London. After a whirlwind of adventures over the past few months, the duo are under strict orders not to go exploring London on their own. But Lucy’s time ring has other ideas and they are soon cast back in time to London to World War II during the blitz.

Cherry continues:

“I had to set the story in World War II London as it was such a remarkable period in history. There are so many stories to be told, but one that grabbed my attention was the time that Big Ben stopped working from June the 3rd at 10.13pm to June the 4th at 10.13am in 1941. This was due to a workman who accidentally dropped a hammer into the movement works while repairing the clock after an air raid. But then I started to think, what if it wasn’t the workman and was something else entirely?”

As well as exploring a time so rich with history, the book also features some cameos of Winston Churchill, Alan Turing, and Candy Jar’s very own Eileen Younghusband, author of the award-winning One Woman’s War.

Keren Williams, Publishing Co-ordinator and part of the editorial team for both Lethbridge-Stewart and Lucy Wilson, says:

“We’ve seen Eileen quite a lot in the Lethbridge-Stewart series, due to popular demand, but this is her first appearance in Lucy Wilson. And, what’s most exciting is that the ending leaves an opening for her return in a later story.”

Here’s the blurb of The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Stop the Clock!:

London, 1941. The day Big Ben stopped.

It’s half-term. Lucy and Hobo are excited to be in London, especially as they’re going to see The Lion King at the theatre! But, Lucy’s dad has told them to stay inside and out of trouble. Luckily for the dynamic duo, Lucy’s time ring has other plans!

Rationing. Air raids. Bombs. The Houses of Parliament. Big Ben. And a strange ticking noise.

But who is Curt Uhrmacher? Why does he have an army of clockwork people? And can Lucy and Hobo stop the clock in time?

This brand-new Lucy Wilson book is filled with unexpected twists and intriguing characters. Join Lucy and her loyal companion, Hobo, as they race against time to unravel a mysterious case that holds the key to the future. Set in the backdrop of wartime London in 1941, Lucy and Hobo are entangled in a web of secrets and suspense. Prepare to be spellbound as you uncover the truth behind the enigmatic ticking noise that echoes through the Houses of Parliament. With their sharp wit and keen investigative skills, Lucy and Hobo dive deep into the heart of the mystery, uncovering secrets and unravelling clues along the way.

You can pre-order The Lucy Wilson Mysteries: Stop the Clock! from Candy Jar Books now!

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Coming Soon: The Lucy Wilson Mysteries — Stop the Clock! Starring the Brigadier’s Granddaughter

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