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Roundel Books Announces New Fundraiser, Go Figure!, Celebrating Doctor Who Toys

A brand new Doctor Who book is on its way, celebrating Doctor Who toys from 2005-2024!

Go Figure! is a lavish new publication detailing every single action figure to have been released from Character Options from 2005 onwards. Many fans from the series comeback in 2005 have very vivid memories of entire sections of shops like Toys R Us being filled with Doctor Who figures. I can remember going in around 2006 and buying a few bits of merchandise which I’ve still got today!

The title, from Roundel Books, will detail every figure from the Ninth Doctor’s Dalek Battle Packs to the most recent online exclusives from Character Options. It’s the most comprehensive guide to the range covering over 600 figures and over 300 distinct characters. Each character has been photographed by Richard Lloyd, who runs the fantastic Doctor Who YouTube channel and is known on social media as Stetson Doctor; he also gives some fascinating information on each figure and some even come with photos of their original moulds, offering fans and readers an interesting look at the development of these figures.

The book is split across four individual chapters each with an introduction by Christopher Hill from and provides more information and context on the range.

Of course, the book does need funding from fans and there are a range of tiers to suit anyone with any budget. The softback edition is just over 300 pages and features the full figure catalogue for £30. A hardback edition with the figure catalogue is £50 and features some photos and information on figure prototypes that never got made. The Wave One Tier is £100 and will feature more pages with specially photographed figures in their original packaging looking at how those designs have changed over time and The Mint on Card Tier package is £200 but will feature all the details listed above but you’ll also get to choose from a selection of specially photographed cover designs for an even more unique book.

Each tier also comes with a selection of extras including posters, supplements, and art cards so you get even more goodies for your money.

When the project was originally released, backers would get special gifts when the producers reached certain goals and the project has now raised over £35,000, which means extra goodies are also heading our way including supplements on the Torchwood figures, sonic screwdriver toys, postcards inspired by iconic Radio Times covers, and a supplement on Micro Universe and the 10” and 11” figure range.

And most excitingly is a documentary speaking to a number of well known figure collecting fans about how much the Doctor Who action figure range means to them, which promises to be really interesting!

There are still plenty of copies of books from all the tiers listed to purchase so you can help raise money for this fantastic and exciting project which will no doubt hit a lot of people in the “nostalgic feels”.

Jordan Shortman

Roundel Books Announces New Fundraiser, Go Figure!, Celebrating Doctor Who Toys

by Jordan Shortman time to read: 2 min
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