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Doctor Who is Returning to Twitch: Here's the Full January Schedule

Doctor Who is returning to the streaming community platform, Twitch!

You might remember that, last year, Classic episodes of our favourite TV show aired on the video platform, proving an immense hit; now, the BBC has teamed up with Twitch again, in the wake of the news that Doctor Who Series 12 will not screen until 2020.

Over 500 episodes from 26 seasons will stream live, and internationally, from 5th January 2019. This begins with An Unearthly Child and continues to feature the first seven incarnations of the Doctor, until Survival concludes this ultimate binge-watch on 25th January.

Fans can also chat live with their peers – last year, this resulted in the “London, 1965” meme. Yes, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright became a viral sensation in 2018.

This was followed up with a Torchwood marathon in July and August 2018.

Here are the full schedules for UK and Pacific times:

Tune in every day from 5th January from 10am PT / 6pm GMT to catch episodes on Twitch.

(Thanks to Joe.)

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Doctor Who is Returning to Twitch: Here's the Full January Schedule

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