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New Doctor Who Comic Collection to Include Remastered Cybermen Strip

The final collection of Twelfth Doctor comic strips from Doctor Who Magazine will also include classic stories featuring the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Seventh Doctors – and a special remastered version of the much-loved Cybermen strip by Alan Barnes and Adrian Salmon!

First published in the early 1990s, this was the first strip drawn by Salmon; he and Barnes were given one page each issue to tell a tale inspired by TV Century 21‘s The Daleks. It quickly built a following and remains an essential read for Doctor Who fans.

Adrian says:

“I was both surprised and thrilled to be told by Scott Gray that The Cybermen was to be included in The Clockwise War. Frankly, I’d given up hope of seeing it reprinted, after years of fans asking me the question. To make things even better , Scott asked me to colour the first six episodes , which had been originally printed in black and white… The last four part arc, The Ugly Underneath , had the most revision, which included recreating the black and white line art digitally and changing some colour choices.”

The collection also includes The Clockwise War, by Scott Gray and John Ross, which gives the graphic novel its title; Tim Quinn and John Ridgway’s A Religious Experience with the First Doctor; Gray and Charlie Adlard’s Rest and Re-Creation and The Naked Flame, both starring the Fourth Doctor; the Fifth Doctor in Blood Invocation, by Paul Cornell and Ridgway; and sequels to Star Beast and Junkyard Demon by Gary Gillatt and Martin Geraghty, and Barnes and Salmon respectively.

As ever, it also includes commentaries by creators at the back.

With a cover by David A Roach, The Clockwise War is available now, with an RRP of £15.99.

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New Doctor Who Comic Collection to Include Remastered Cybermen Strip

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