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10 Classic Doctor Who Serials to be Re-Released on DVD

The BBC is re-releasing 10 Classic Doctor Who serials in the United States that have been largely unavailable on DVD, including highlights from all eight Doctors from the original 1963- 96 run.

The “made-on-demand” titles will be available in two batches, the first including The Time Meddler, The Krotons, The Three Doctors, Planet Of The Spiders, and The Sun Makers, and the second consisting of The Invasion of Time, Frontios, The Mark Of The Rani, The Happiness Patrol, and The TV Movie.

These are out on 25th June and 9th July 2019 respectively.

Note that these will be the Special Editions of The Three Doctors and The TV Movie, meaning a full range of special features.

As these DVDs are Region 1 only, they can solely be played in North America and Canada or using a multi-region player.

The 10 DVDs can be pre-ordered now from the BBC Shop, with RRPs between $19.98 and $24.98.

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10 Classic Doctor Who Serials to be Re-Released on DVD

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