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TARDIS Corpses Are Strewn Around the Doctor Who: Time Fracture Event

With Time Fracture having opened, and many saying how much fun it is, we’ve been able to see some of the little treats and Easter eggs that the developers have put into the project.

We already know that the event includes Jodie Whittaker’s current incarnation of the Doctor, Jo Martin’s Fugitive Doctor, and David Bradley’s First Doctor, as well as all the other incarnations of the Doctor in some shape or form, plus familiar villains both from the classic and new series and settings and locations that Who fans should instantly recognise.

But it has also been revealed that many of the interactive items in the show are actual props from the series.

Most surprisingly, or perhaps not given how the Doctor Who Experience is no more, is that many of the TARDIS sets from the modern era have been dismantled and have been given on loan to Time Fracture, and there are genuine chairs and TARDIS console items littered around for you to use.

Even if the people you are visiting with aren’t fans, they should still be thrilled to sit in the same chairs as David Tennant and Matt Smith!

Time Fracture author, Daniel Dingsdale, said:

“I think there’s nearly thousands of Easter eggs now because every prop, every costume, every location, bit of lore, the plotlines, are things familiar to Doctor Who fans. It’s not just familiar, it’s authentic. They are props from the show, costumes worn by the original actors, it’s the real console, that’s David Tennant’s chair, Matt Smith’s TV.”

But safety precautions have been taken in case they are visited by fans with sticky fingers: each item is glued down, so it’s impossible to steal! But more and more items continue to turn up, having been stored in Cardiff since the Doctor Who Experience closed down (we are still bitter about that, BBC, just so you know!).

The people who made Time Fracture are aware that it’s perhaps the pieces of the TARDIS that will be of greatest interest to fans, with pieces from Christopher Eccleston’s, Tennant’s, Smith’s, Capaldi’s and Whittaker’s TARDISes.

We can see some of the little Easter eggs below; we’ve got the make-shift console from The Doctor’s Wife, as well as the leather bound television that hung down from Matt Smith’s TARDIS. And I’m pretty certain that’s the chair from the Matt Smith TARDIS too.

Any other pieces from the television series that haven’t been used have made their way to decorate the gift shop!

Also on the Time Fracture Instagram, you can see some interesting pictures, including one of a Pig Slave — yes those creatures from Daleks in Manhattan/ Evolution of the Daleks — who apparently has loads of TARDIS items on his stall in an alien market. And well done to the make up artists for making those Pig Slaves look a lot more frightening!

For fans who have been wondering what happened to the props and consoles since the Doctor Who Experience closed, now we know they’ve been repurposed for this Time Fracture event — but the difference is that they are designed to be used, rather than looked at.

And who wouldn’t want to throw themselves down into a chair from the TARDIS? What’s better than getting to actually use the props rather than just looking at them?

You can book tickets to this immersive event from the official Time Fracture site.

Jordan Shortman

TARDIS Corpses Are Strewn Around the Doctor Who: Time Fracture Event

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