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Composer Segun Akinola Leaving Doctor Who Alongside Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall

Though this might not come as a massive surprise, Segun Akinola has announced he will be leaving Doctor Who with the next episode, the Thirteenth Doctor’s swansong.

Segun has composed music for the series, including a new version of the Doctor Who theme tune, since 2018-22 showrunner, Chris Chibnall, began on the programme, with The Woman Who Fell to Earth; this was, of course, Jodie Whittaker’s full debut as the Thirteenth Doctor too.

Akinola tweeted:

“Three Series, One Doctor, Four companions. The last few years on Doctor Who have been an amazing experience. I’d planned to stay for as long as Chris & Jodie were staying so the next episode will be my final one.

“There are too many people to thank but here are a few: Chris, Matt, Nikki, Ceres, Howard, Harry, Jodie, Darrell, @ChamberOrch_LDN, Alec Roberts, Goetz Botzenhardt, Olga FitzRoy, I could go on!

“To the fans, thank you for welcoming me so warmly, I’ve always been grateful for that. Can’t wait to see where the story goes next!”

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Segun says of the next episode:

“It is the great send-off. Not just for Jodie, but for the whole era. And for me as well. It was a very fun but emotional episode to work on.”

We don’t actually know exactly when the as-yet-unnamed special will air, but next showrunner, Russell T Davies, has at least said that it’ll be on in October. That’s pretty soon, folks!

And so, we don’t know who will score the next era of Who either. Many have speculated that Davies will bring back Murray Gold, who worked on the show from Series 1 (2005), all the way through to Series 10 and Twice Upon a Time (2017). Murray also provided the soundtrack for Russell’s other recent hits like It’s a Sin and Years and Years. Equally, RTD might go for someone completely new and unexpected, to bring in a fresh sound.

We’ll find out soon enough…

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Composer Segun Akinola Leaving Doctor Who Alongside Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall

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