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A New Podcast, About Time, Takes a Newbie on a Journey Through 21st Century Doctor Who

A new podcast series pits a Doctor Who fan against his partner, a reluctant Who viewer as they watch the revived series together, starting with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper in Rose

As we while away the TV Time Lord-free months before RTD2’s Fourteenth Doctor returns to our screens, many of us will be considering a mammoth rewatch in preparation. Now you can do it in the company of About Time: A Doctor Who Podcast.

For a long time, the founder of the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra, Stephen Alexander has been attempting to cajole his highly sceptical boyfriend, Ben, into watching Doctor Who. Stephen has been a fan since he watched 2005’s Rose aged 12 with his parents. Meanwhile, Ben (who’s the same age) has determinedly avoided the Time Lord’s exploits for 17 years and five, no six… seven? Maybe eight? Let’s just say a number of Doctors…

But this time, it was different, Ben agreed to view Who and for the pair to podcast the results. Launched on Doctor Who day (that’s 23rd November), the first full episode of About Time is a fascinating listen. The contrast between Stephen’s love for the RTD era and deep knowledge of the series and Ben’s almost total ignorance of Doctor Who (although very knowledgeable about plenty of other things) sets it apart from the many podcasts where Whovians out-fan each other in their critiques of the show.

It also sounds like a genuine conversation, rather than the usual over-excited hosts who think their every utterance is hilarious and unquestionable. But there are some genuinely funny moments that arise out of their conversation. Ben’s fresh perspective is invariably enlightening, while Stephen fills the gaps with his expert knowledge.

To find out their verdict on Rose, listen to episode one: The Blob Thing Down The Drain.

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube, and follow About Time on Instagram and Twitter

Peter Shaw

A New Podcast, About Time, Takes a Newbie on a Journey Through 21st Century Doctor Who

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