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Merry Christmas! Celebrate with the FREE Doctor Who Companion Annual 2023

Merry Christmas from everyone here at the Doctor Who Companion!

We hope you’re having a fantastic day — but if you’re understandably subdued about the complete lack of Doctor Who this festive season, we’ve got you covered: we hope you enjoy the DWC Annual 2023!

This is our third annual, a PDF that you can download or just open in your browser, completely free.

Because there’s no Doctor Who on TV this Christmas, we’ve made sure we include two short stories to bookend the tome…

To download the Doctor Who Companion Annual 2023 PDF, just click here!

This is the first Christmas with no Doctor Who on TV since 2004… which yes, might sound sad, but actually, how amazing is that?!

Since then, we’ve had Christmas Day and New Year’s Day specials, including The Christmas Invasion, Voyage of the Damned, A Christmas Carol, The Snowmen, The Husbands of River Song, Twice Upon A Time, Resolution, and, most recently, Eve of the Daleks (reviewed by Joe Siegler in the annual, alongside Peter Shaw’s reviews of Legend of the Sea Devils and The Power of the Doctor).

We’re in quite a privileged position, having enjoyed that wealth of stories, and with new showrunner, Russell T Davies, promising a return of the Christmas Day specials next year.

Until then, you can enjoy some fiction and non-fiction in our annual!

Click here to open the DWC Annual 2023, completely free.

And stay tuned to the Doctor Who Companion because, with our usual news coverage, we’ve also got a bevvy of festive features and reviews, plus an extra surprise in the New Year…

Merry Christmas, our dear DWC readers.

Philip Bates

Editor and co-founder of the Doctor Who Companion. When he’s not watching television, reading books ‘n’ Marvel comics, listening to The Killers, and obsessing over script ideas, Philip Bates pretends to be a freelance writer. He enjoys collecting everything. Writer of The Black Archive: The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang, The Silver Archive: The Stone Tape, and 100 Objects of Doctor Who.

Merry Christmas! Celebrate with the FREE Doctor Who Companion Annual 2023

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