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The Doctor Who Companion Christmas Quiz, 2022: The Answers

Just before Christmas, we set you 50 fiendish questions all about Doctor Who. But how did you do? It’s time to find out.

Here are the answers to the DWC’s BIG Christmas Quiz, 2022!

1. In his hands. It will not go into the wood. (The Tribe of Gum)

2. Glasses.

3. Hostile Action Displacement System.

4. The HADS are a defence mechanism for the TARDIS. When the TARDIS is attacked, it automatically dematerialises. (The Krotons)

5. The Daleks’ flying saucer in Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

6. Ian Chesterton in the first Doctor Who novelisation, Doctor Who (in an exciting adventure with the Daleks).

7. All played by Frederick Jaegar: Jano in The Savages, Professor Sorenson in Planet of Evil, and Professor Marius in The Invisible Enemy.

8. They are all megalomaniac or mad computers: Xoanon in The Face of Evil, BOSS in The Green Death, and The Oracle in Underworld.

9. Ian Marter, who was shortlisted for the part of Mike Yates, played John Andrews in Carnival of Monsters and wrote Doctor Who and the Sontaran Experiment.

10. Leela in The Sun Makers.

11. Vicky in The Rescue.

12. Amy Pond. You could also say Rory Williams.

13. The Third Doctor calls the Second Doctor “Scarecrow” in The Five Doctors.

14. The First Doctor calls the Third Doctor “a dandy” and the Second Doctor “a clown” in The Three Doctors.

15. The Third Doctor refers to the Fourth Doctor as “Teeth and Curls” in The Five Doctors.

16. The Thirteenth Doctor refers to her immediate predecessor as “A white haired Scotsman” in The Woman Who Fell To Earth.

17. The Twelfth Doctor calls the First Doctor “Corporal Jones” in Twice Upon A Time.

18. The Eleventh Doctor refers to the War Doctor as “Captain Grumpy”.

19. Ah, a trick question: Tom Baker describes Patrick Troughton’s Doctor as “a pixie” in the 1977 Whose Doctor Who documentary.

20. From the same interview, Tom Baker describes Jon Pertwee (and, by implication, the Third Doctor) as, “A Tall Light Bulb – he glitters.”

21. The Twelfth Doctor on the First Doctor in Twice Upon A Time.

22. This is an in joke because Richard Hearne, who played Mr Pastry, was interviewed by Barry Letts about becoming the Fourth Doctor. Hearne, who was confused at the interview, thought that Letts wanted Mr Pastry’s character to be the Fourth Doctor.

23. The Scientific Reform Society (in Robot).

24. The Brotherhood of Logicians (in The Tomb of the Cybermen).

25. The Sons of Earth (Dugeen implies that he is a member in The Power of Kroll).

26. Judith Parris as Eldrad in The Hand of Fear.

27. The Zygons were originally conceived as giant insects.

28. Kevin Lindsay, who played both Linx and Styre in the two stories, had a heart condition. He had found Linx’s mask far too heavy when he appeared in The Time Warrior and asked for the Sontaran mask to be redesigned, and made lighter, for the following year’s The Sontaran Experiment.

29. Sarah and Styre both say that Styre and Linx are identical, when they plainly aren’t, because of the redesigned mask.

30. Louise Jameson said the problem with her first Leela costume was that it didn’t allow her to use the loo in a hurry. The problem was rectified with her second costume.

31. The Sixth Doctor becomes a vegetarian in Vengeance on Varos.

32. The Morbius monster in The Brain of Morbius.

33. Dwarf Star Alloy (Warriors’ Gate).

34. The Impossible Astronaut/The Day of the Moon.

35. Five kilos.

36. Two kilos.

37. Charles Grover (in Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

38. Apes and Land Crawlers (in The Sea Devils and Legend of the Sea Devils, respectively)

39. Of course you can! The first segment is the lump of jethryk; the second is the planet Calufrax; the third is Cessair of Diplos’s pendant; the fourth is the decorative head at the base of the Taran statue; the fifth is Kroll; the sixth is Princess Astra.

40. Gridlock

41. “God Save the Queen” (in Empress of Mars)

42. Four K9s have featured in Doctor Who from 1977 to 2022.

43. K9 mark 1 was left on Gallifrey by the Doctor in The Invasion of Time; K9 mark II stayed with Romana to help the Tharils in Warriors’ Gate; the third K9 was destroyed when he detonated the Krillitane oil in School Reunion; the fourth K9 was given to Sarah Jane by the Doctor in School Reunion and, as far as we know, remains with her.

44. The Great One in Planet of the Spiders.

45. Fenric in The Curse of Fenric.

46. Morbius in The Brain of Morbius.

47. Scaroth (Captain Tancredy) in City of Death.

48. The Master in The Time Monster.

49. The Captain in The Pirate Planet.

50. Omega in The Three Doctors.

How did you do? Let us know in the comments section below!

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The Doctor Who Companion Christmas Quiz, 2022: The Answers

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