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The DWC’s Exclusive “Who Knows” Doctor Who Quiz #1: 50 Firsts

Following the success of the lockdown Doctor Who quizzes, we’ve decided to regularly test your knowledge of everyone’s favourite sci-fi show. Because who doesn’t love a quiz?! (Rhetorical question, assembled readers.)

Our very first “Who Knows” quiz – and thank you to Thomas Spychalski for the name! – is a bumper edition, all focused on “firsts”. Every question relates somehow to a “first” in Doctor Who, but you don’t have to know everything about the First Doctor to take part. This quiz covers every era of Doctor Who. There are questions for beginners, learners, and experts. Some are seriously hard, and if you get 100%, you can class yourself as a super-fan. Until next time, when your knowledge of all time and space, everything that ever happened or every will, will be tested again!

Let us know how you do in the comments below, and don’t forget to share your result on social media because the more people who are drawn to the DWC, the better. Hopefully, these quizzes are a chance to bring in new readers who can discover our extensive archive of news, reviews, and features. If you’d like to, use the hashtag #WhoNose as well to spread the word. And please do let us know if you’re enjoying the quizzes too.

Good luck!


Congratulations! You’ve passed the very first “Who Knows” quiz on the DWC! If you enjoyed taking part in this quiz, please spread the word and share your results on Twitter and Facebook. It really helps us reach as wide an audience as possible and means we can continue long into the future.

Better luck next time. You needed 70% to pass this quiz – but look on the bright side: this means you’ll have to watch more Doctor Who!

If you enjoyed taking part in this quiz, please spread the word and share your results on Twitter and Facebook. It really helps us reach as wide an audience as possible and means we can continue long into the future.

#1. In which episode do we first hear the phrase "Silence will fall"?

Prisoner Zero says it first.

#2. What's the first episode title NOT to start with "The"? ? We're talking solely about on-screen titles here.

#3. In which serial do we first see the sonic screwdriver?

#4. What's the full name of the first ever Doctor Who novelisation?

#5. Apart from the Doctor and Susan, what's the first alien race we see in Doctor Who?

They stumble upon a calcified Magnedon in the jungles of Skaro.

#6. When was Gallifrey first mentioned by name?

#7. In which story did the Master first appear?

#8. In which episode do we first see Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor?

#9. Which is the first Doctor Who story set entirely on the TARDIS?

#10. What is the name of the first Doctor Who serial written by Terry Nation to NOT feature the Daleks?

#11. Who is the first historical figure Yasmin Khan, Ryan Sinclair, and Graham O'Brien meet?

#12. What is the name of the first 7-part TV Doctor Who serial?

#13. Doctor Who Season 1 (broadcast 1963- 64) consisted of how many episodes in total?

#14. In which year was the first issue of Doctor Who Magazine (then Doctor Who Weekly) published?

#15. In which episode do we first see the psychic paper?

#16. Which episode is classed as Doctor Who's first ever "single-hander"? ? That is, despite having a cameo from the Doctor's companion, a monster, and a child at its end.

#17. What is the name of the first single episode to have a one-word title?

Kidnap is the penultimate episode of The Sensorites.

#18. What's the first item of food requested by the Eleventh Doctor?

#19. What is the first story partly set in Atlantis?

#20. What can you find on Planet One, believed to be the oldest planet in the universe?

This was seen in The Pandorica Opens – graffitied by River Song!

#21. Which is the first Target novelisation written by Terrance Dicks?

#22. In which episode do we first see Madame Kovarian?

#23. When do we first see a clip of Classic Doctors in "NuWho" (i.e. 2005- present)? ? The important word here is "clip".

#24. What's the name of the first story credited to Robert Holmes?

#25. What's the first "NuWho" (i.e. 2005- present) story to NOT feature any scenes set inside the TARDIS?

#26. In which story do we first see the Black Guardian?

#27. In which story do we first hear the TARDIS Cloister Bell?

#28. After his regeneration in The Tenth Planet, in which story do we first see the First Doctor again? ? Not necessarily a clip or new footage…

A photo of the First Doctor is seen reflected in the mirror in Patrick Troughton’s first episode.

#29. Which series features the first episode to use an ampersand in its title?

#30. Which Fifth Doctor adventure was the first to be filmed?

#31. What was the first audio release by Big Finish to feature Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor?

#32. What's the first episode of "NuWho" (i.e. 2005- present), set on contemporary Earth, NOT to feature an alien threat?

#33. Who was the first Doctor actor to turn on the Blackpool Illuminations?

#34. Which is the first story to use location filming?

#35. In which episode do we first see a Dalek levitating upstairs? ? It's hinted that they can fly elsewhere, but we're concerned with visual confirmation only.

#36. In which story did the Rani first appear?

#37. In which story is The Moment, the Galaxy Eater stolen by the Doctor to destroy the Time Lords and Daleks, first mentioned?

#38. What's the name of the first episode which uses a number in its title? ? We're going by on-screen titles only, so that disqualifies 100,000BC.

Five Hundred Eyes is the third episode of Marco Polo.

#39. Which of these serials is set in the 1st Century AD?

The Myth Makers is set in c. 1200BC, The Pandorica Opens in 102AD, and The Girl Who Died in the 9th Century, meaning The Fires of Pompeii, set in 79AD, is the correct answer.

#40. Which of these actors have never played the First Doctor on TV? ? This is based on a technicality, so tread carefully.

FYI, Brian Proudfoot briefly played him in the location footage in The Reign of Terror.

#41. What was the first episode to be filmed and released in HD?

#42. Which partially-missing serial was the first to be animated for DVD?

#43. Which was the first serial on which Michael Pickwoad worked as Production Designer?

#44. Which was the last First Doctor serial to be novelised by Target books? (Not counting reissues.)

#45. Which of these historical figures appears first in Doctor Who?

#46. Who is the first person (aside from the Doctor) NOT to get fooled by the psychic paper?

You might’ve thought it was Shakespeare: he’s certainly the first to say the Doctor’s is blank. However, Rose identifies Captain Jack Harkness’ psychic paper in The Empty Child.

#47. Which was the first Doctor Who original novel, not a novelisation of a TV story?

#48. Which of these historical figures did the First Doctor NOT meet on screen?

He didn’t meet Hans Christian Andersen on screen, but the First Doctor claimed to have inspired The Emperor’s New Clothes.

#49. In Earth's chronology, which of these events happened first?

Amelia meets the Eleventh Doctor in 1996, Adelaide is born in May 1999, and the Doctor searches for the atomic clock in 1999 too. Pete Tyler dies in November 1987.

#50. Which of these events, all in the 1800s, occurred first in Earth's chronology?

Waterfield and Maxtible establish a Time Corridor in 1866 (The Evil of the Daleks), Sweetville is founded 1893 (The Crimson Horror), Reverent Ernest Matthews dies in 1883, and Perry inherits the Sutcliffe fortune in 1814 (Thin Ice).


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The DWC’s Exclusive “Who Knows” Doctor Who Quiz #1: 50 Firsts

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